Frequently Asked Questions

For your peace of mind…

Frequently Asked Questions

For your peace of mind…

Frequently Asked Questions

For your peace of mind…

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Travel Restrictions for South Africans
All of the frequently asked questions regarding the entry and exit regulations for South Africa have been included here. Disclaimer: It’s critical to keep in mind that this data is highly ephemeral and might change at any time.
What policies are in place to assist me?

Suppliers such as the airline or hotel would have a specific policy in place to re-accommodate you, should your travel be impacted. These policies may differ from supplier to supplier and may be available for a certain period of time. 

Policies may include options to change your dates with change fees being waived or may include the option of a minimised cancellation fee. 

Your dedicated Travel Expert/Support team would be able to assist you with this information. If you have booked directly with a supplier, this information would be made available on their website.

It is important to note that if your travel has not yet been impacted and you wish to proceed with a change or cancellation, most suppliers would see this as a voluntary change. This may mean that standard change fees or cancellation penalties would apply.

What happens if I want a refund?

Whether or not a refund is permitted, would be dependent on the policy made available by a supplier. Your dedicated Travel Expert/Support team would be able to assist you with this information.

Can I remain in a destination until my holiday is complete?

Some travelers may already be in a destination that has decided to implement travel restrictions or travel bans on travelers from South Africa. It is important to check both the Government and Supplier requirements which may impact you. 

Generally, once the Government of a respective country has made a decision regarding restrictions or a travel ban, the airlines flying in and out of that destination could alter their schedules.

If you are in a destination which has imposed a travel ban or restriction, you need to check what options are available for your return to South Africa. 

If you are visiting South Africa and need to return to your home, it is vital that you check what options are available to you for travel now. Your dedicated Travel Expert/Support team would be able to assist you with this information.

It is also important to remember that although suppliers may communicate certain dates around their schedules, the situation is extremely fluid and subject to change at any time. Within the current climate, we have to recognise that a certain amount of inconvenience can be expected and that your travel may be disrupted.

What happens if my travel is interrupted?

If your travel has been impacted by a newly implemented travel restriction or travel ban, please contact your dedicated Travel Expert/Support team. 

They will be able to assist you in re-booking your travel as per the policy communicated by the respective supplier responsible for your travel service.

I have a booking for travel in December, what do I do?

Many suppliers have communicated policies for a certain period of time or have communicated a date in terms of when an implemented travel ban or restriction will end.

 If there is a policy in place which covers your travel dates in December, you would need to amend your travel as per this policy. If a policy does not extend to your travel dates as yet, any changes or cancellations would be viewed as voluntary by the supplier and may incur a penalty fee.

We understand that there is a certain amount of anxiety as the holiday season approaches and that travelers want to know if their plans need to be changed. 

Your dedicated Travel Expert/Support team will be in a position to guide you with all options available – empowering you to make an informed decision.

Will my travel insurance cover me for any cancellations?

Whether or not your travel insurance policy covers you in the event of changes to your travel plan, is dependent on the insurance provider, as well as the cover afforded. 

We recommend that you review your policy schedule with specific reference to the inclusions. You can also contact your insurance provider to check what you are covered for.

Is travel for business permitted to a country that has implemented a travel ban or restriction?

Whether or not you are permitted to travel for business purposes is dependent on the travel ban or travel restriction in place for the country you wish to travel to. 

Some countries may have placed restrictions on travelers for leisure or holiday purposes, however, may still permit business travel. Additional supporting documentation may be required to justify your reasons for travel.

What happens to my visa which was only valid for my travel?

When travel opens for your destination, you may need to re-apply for a visa. You would need to check with the relevant visa company, processing center or embassy whether this fee would be waived.

How long will the restrictions be in place for?

Many suppliers or Government websites have communicated a date, regarding when a travel ban or restriction will be in place for. However, this is subject to change. 

Some suppliers and Government websites may have noted that a travel ban or restriction is in place until further notice and pending a review. 

We will always ensure that we keep our customers and our community updated via our newsletters, our websites and our social media channels.

What happens if I am stuck in a destination?

We are waiting to hear if some suppliers will resume repatriation efforts in the event we have customers stranded in a destination. 

Our priority at this time is working with the supplier availability we have, ensuring that customers with imminent travel are assisted. Our team is currently contacting customers to assist them with immediate travel options.

We will always keep our customers and community updated in any repatriation options available.

Which airlines are flying into South Africa?

Restrictions vary between airlines, and you would need to check with your dedicated support team to assist with this information. It is important to not only check information for your end destination, but for any transits or stop overs as well.

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